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The Football Frontier International Vision 2 (フットボールフロンティア・インターナショナルV2,  FFIV2) is thought out to be a worldwide soccer tournament that decides the best youth soccer team in the world. However, the FFIV2 only consumes of the Asia preliminaries, also known as the Grand Celesta Galaxy A Block Preliminaries (グランドセレスタギャラクシー銀河変球 Aブロック予選).


In Episode 1, Gouenji Shuuya announced that Keshin and Mixi Maxes are not allowed to be used in the tournament. He also said that this will bring out the full potential of the players, and he came up with this idea along with other people, including Kuroiwa Ryuusei the coach of Inazuma Japan.

The Football Frontier International Vision 2 was created so that young people from all the world could play soccer against each other, in a competitive style, trying to earn the title of best youth soccer team in the world. However, there is a secret about the FFIV2 that only Kuroiwa Ryuusei, Potomuri and maybe Mizukawa Minori know about, as mentioned by Potomuri in Episode 11. He said that Inazuma Japan are close to finding it, referring to Manabe Jinichirou and Minaho Kazuto, as they revealed that the stats of players in all teams except theirs and Shamshir's had drastically increased since the last time they had played in a tournament.

Currently, the anime is only showing the Asia preliminaries of the FFIV2, and the main protagonist team Inazuma Japan progressing as a team. However, most of the members have their own ambitions after the FFIV2, as they didn't join Japan's team to become the best in their world, but some players' motives are still unknown.

The table for the Asia preliminary teams was seen in episode 8, which indicated that it only takes one team to beat five others to get the chance to play against the world.

All Asia preliminary matches are held at the Holy Road Stadium.

However, in episode 18 , it was revealed that every team that had participated in the FFIV2, excluding Inazuma Japan, are all aliens, as FFIV2 is actually the preliminaries of Grand Celesta Galaxy A Block. 

Participating TeamsEdit

FFIV2 Asia prelims table

The FFIV2 Asia prelims table.






  • It was revealed in episode 2 by Manabe Jinichirou that him and the other seven members of Inazuma Japan who hadn't played soccer before, are getting paid to play.
  • All participants in the tournament apart from the Inazuma Japan members were aliens disguised as human beings.