Mikado Haruma
Mikado Haruma Galaxy 1 HQ
JP name 御門 春馬
Dub name Rex Remington
Gender Male Icon
Position None
Number 11
Element Earth Icon
Team Teikoku Gakuen
Seiyuu Yuuki Hayashi
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 001

Mikado Haruma (御門 春馬) is the captain and a forward for Teikoku Gakuen.


Mikado has light grey-blue hair and three scars; one near his right eye, one on his left cheek and one on his right arm. Also he is a muscular figure with his big arms. He wears the Teikoku Gakuen soccer uniform with a red captain band.


He first appeared in episode 1, being captain of Teikoku Gakuen and played against Inazuma Japan. When the match started, he was easily dribbled by Shindou Takuto. He used Koutei Penguin 7 but Ibuki stopped it. Mikado wanted to steal the ball back from Ibuki but Ibuki dribbled like he was playing basketball, which surprised Mikado. Later, he got easily dribbled by Shindou again. At the end of the match, Teikoku won with 10-1. When Mikado shook hands, he said that Inazuma Japan was the worst team ever.



At level 99

Mikado in the TCG.

  • GP: 122
  • TP: 162
  • Kick: 128
  • Dribble: 116
  • Block: 112
  • Catch: 53
  • Technique: 149
  • Speed: 88
  • Stamina: 78
  • Lucky: 79