Nishiki Ryouma
Nishiki Raimon Galaxy 1 HQ
JP name 錦龍馬
Dub name Ryoma Nishiki
Gender Male Icon
Position MFicon
Number 14
Element Earth Icon
Team Raimon
Seiyuu Ryou Iwasaki
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 001

Nishiki Ryouma (錦龍馬) is a midfielder for Raimon.


He has long black hair tied with a blue elastic in a ponytail. He has dark brown eyes. Compared to his teammates, he is quite tall. He has dark skin and large black eyebrows. He wears the Raimon soccer uniform and jacket.


Shinsuke Kirino and Nishiki shocked Galaxy 1 HQ 2

Kirino, Shinsuke and Nishiki shocked because they weren't chosen.

He first appeared in Episode 1 with Raimon to see who would be chosen for Inazuma Japan. As Nishiki thought that he would be chosen, it surprised and shocked him that he wasn't chosen at all along with Kirino Ranmaru and Nishizono Shinsuke.

Nishiki in the TCG.

Later, Nishiki was seen watching the exhibition match of Inazuma Japan and Teikoku Gakuen with the rest of Raimon. He was very surprised that the Shinsei Inazuma Japan team was worse and even lost with 10-1, leaving the Raimon members disappointed.

Game AppearanceEdit

Uniform Nishiki Sprite Galaxy


All the stats are at level 99 and are untrained.

  • GP: 156
  • TP: 139
  • Kick: 123
  • Dribbling: 141
  • Block: 102
  • Catch: 54
  • Technique: 120
  • Speed: 104
  • Stamina: 112
  • Lucky: 85

  • GP: 163
  • TP: 139
  • Kick: 124
  • Dribbling: 163
  • Block: 87
  • Catch: 110
  • Technique: 123
  • Speed: 98
  • Stamina: 132 (162)
  • Lucky: 62




Game Exclusive TeamsEdit