Senguuji Yamato
Senguuji Yamato
JP name 千宮路 大和
Dub name Quentin Cinquedea
Gender Male Icon
Position GKicon
Number 1
Element Fire Icon
Team Dragonlink
Resistance Japan
Seiyuu Yuuki Hayashi
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 001

Senguuji Yamato (千宮路 大和) is the goalkeeper and captain for Dragonlink and the goalkeeper for Resistance Japan.


Senguuji is tall and has a tanned skin colour. His eyes are sky blue, and his hair is long, pink and spiked, falling until the base of his neck. He also wears two black bracelets. He wears the Dragonlink and Resistance Japan goalkeeper uniform.


Senguuji trying to stop Bicycle Sword Galaxy 14 HQ

Senguuji trying to stop Bicycle Sword.

He first appeared with the rest of his team in the Holy Road Stadium. They went there to see who would be chosen to be a member of Inazuma Japan. As Matsukaze Tenma, Shindou Takuto, Tsurugi Kyousuke, Matatagi Hayato, Nozaki Sakura, Kusaka Ryuuji, Manabe Jinichirou, Tetsukado Shin, Morimura Konoha, Minaho Kazuto and Ibuki Munemasa were chosen, he was disappointed that he wasn't chosen.

In Episode 14, he appeared again with his new team called Resistance Japan. His team challenged Inazuma Japan for a practice match in the Seaside Stadium of the Odaiba Soccer Garden. There, he introduced himself as a member of Dragonlink. In the match, he said that he wanted to see Inazuma Japan's power. Tsurugi shot with his Bicycle Sword and Senguuji tried to stop it with both his hands but failed to do it. At the end, Resistance Japan won with 3-1.





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