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Shindou Takuto
Shindou Galaxy 4 HQ
JP name 神童 拓人
Dub name Riccardo Di Rigo
Gender Male Icon
Position MFicon
Number 9
Element Wood Icon
Team Raimon
Inazuma Japan
Earth Eleven
Inazuma Best Eleven
Seiyuu Saiga Mitsuki
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 001

Shindou Takuto (神童 拓人) is one of the main characters in the Galaxy series. He is a midfielder and captain for Raimon and a midfielder for Inazuma Japan and Earth Eleven.


He has short, wavy greyish brown hair and brown eyes with a black touch. He wears the Raimon soccer uniform, the Inazuma Japan soccer uniform and jacket.


Shindou is shown to be close friends with Kirino Ranmaru as Kirino wished him good luck for being a member for Inazuma Japan. He was happy when he was chosen but also surprised that the other members weren't known. He was seen to be very annoyed by the players who couldn't play soccer and very disappointed when they lost the match. As Inazuma Japan was said to be the worst team ever, Shindou started to cry which shows that he is rather emotional. He is also seen to be angry at the most of the times.


In episode 1, he walked the line set up in the front of Raimon. As Tenma and Shinsuke were both too excited, Shindou said that they should calm down and as Tenma said something, Shindou was looking back with flashback to the Eito match. Later, he was chosen by Kuroiwa Ryuusei to be a member of Inazuma Japan but he was surprised that only he, Tenma and Tsurugi were the only three that were chosen from Raimon and that they didn't know the other members.

Later, they went to the change room and changed to the Inazuma Japan uniform and said something to all the members. The exhibition match started against Teikoku, Shindou received the pass from Tenma and passed it to Tsurugi. He also used Kami no Takuto FI but nobody listen to his orders and was surprised that the members couldn't play soccer was seen to be really annoyed. As Tenma encouraged him, he used Kami no Takuto FI again to help Tenma and Tsurugi and they scored with Fire Tornado DD, making the score 10-1 for Teikoku. As Shindou, Tenma and Tsurugi were celebrating the goal, the match ended with the win of Teikoku which surprised them and shook hands with Mikado Haruma but Mikado was angry and said that they were worse in which Shindou cried and said that this was worse team in which Tenma was worried about him.

In episode 2, Shindou, Tenma and Tsurugi walked to the place where they were going to practice and stay. As Shindou explained everything, they arrived at the practice and Shindou was worried about Tenma since he got hit by Nozaki's ball. After that, the other members introduced themself and when Shindou heard that all the members haven't played soccer once, he got annoyed and angry and asked the trainer why this members were chosen if they can't even play soccer in which the trainer replied that he should ask the coach, who came in and introduced the managers, Mizukawa Minori and Sorano Aoi. Tenma started to explain what soccer was, in which Minaho said that his hissatsu was his brain in which Shindou put his hand against his head and couldn't believe it.

After that, they started practicing and having a break after practicing a bit, Shindou was seen resting out as well. After the break, Tenma explained more about soccer like dribbling and control where Shindou was just listening to Tenma. When Tenma was done, he was seen shooting balls to Ibuki, who couldn't stop them in which Shindou looked at him and started to think. When practice ended and everyone was tired, he was seen to be angry again as his hand turned into a fist and walked away which made Tenma worried about him. When they were in their rooms, Shindou asked if Tenma could go with him after he is done in which Tenma agreed. With Tsurugi and Tenma, Shindou went to Kuroiwa Ryuusei and asked why those eight players were in the national team. As Kuroiwa replied to him, Shindou said that they will play with only them three, Tsurugi as forward, Tenma as midfielder and Shindou himself as defender and when the opponent shoot to the goal, he will block the ball in which he was angry again and made Ibuki angry as well, who was about to practice when he heard the conversation.

As Kuroiwa somehow agreed and walked away, Tenma asked Shindou if it will be alright with playing the match with three members, in which Shindou replied that the coach didn't understand soccer. Ibuki started to yell at him and said that the Japan goalkeeper was him, in which Shindou replied that he was just a beginner at soccer. Ibuki said that he will able to do it with practicing and asked Tsurugi to shoot at him, so he can stop it in which Shindou disagreed and said that he will shoot at him and that Ibuki couldn't stop Tsurugi's shoot if he wasn't even able to stop Shindou's ones. Shindou used Fortissimo and Ibuki failed to stop it and became injured by it in which Shindou said that he is worse and Ibuki said that he should go on.

The next day, they continued to practice again after they heard that their first opponent was Fire Dragon. After practice, Shindou talked with Tenma and Tsurugi about the upcoming match, in which Tenma still disagreed with playing with only them three and said that he felt that the other were improving, in which Shindou replied that he didn't feel it at all. The next day, Tenma tried to talk with Shindou again and tried to change Shindou's mind but failed to do so and made Shindou more angry and became also angry at Tenma and said that this were the nationals, so they should play their very best. The match between Inazuma Japan and Fire Dragon started with Shindou being placed as defensive midfielder. As the match started, Shindou became annoyed again when Matatagi dribbled ahead and when the ball was stolen from him. When the opponent charged ahead to the Shinsei Inazuma Japan goal, Shindou stood for the goal which made Ibuki angry. Lee Chunyun shot and Shindou blocked the ball which made Tenma happy at first. Ibuki was angry and Shindou saw it but he didn't care at all which left Tenma worried about both of them.

In episode 3, after he blocked the shoot, Ibuki was still angry at him. Shindou was surprised that the shoot had much power but that his timing was perfect to stop it. As Tsurugi had a flashback, Shindou was seen in the flashback saying that they will play with only them three. When a member of Fire Dragon shot at the goal, Shindou stopped the shoot again, which made Ibuki angry again. As Shindou was standing there, Tenma had a flashback about the previous night. Shindou said in the flashback that Tenma and Tsurugi should bring the ball up and that he will protect the goal. Tenma was surprised in which Shindou stood up and said that he will stop Fire Dragon's shoots and protect the goal. Then, the flashback ended and Shindou passed the ball to Tenma. When Tsurugi lost the ball, Fire Dragon started to counterattack and Fire Dragon shot again. Shindou stopped it again which made Ibuki more furious. Ibuki said that said that Shindou should go out of the way but Shindou didn't listen.

When Tenma was sliding tackled by two members of Fire Dragon, Shindou was worried about him. After that, Shindou went talking with Tenma and Tsurugi. As Matatagi wanted to join them, Tenma and Tsurugi agreed which shocked Shindou. After all, Shindou agreed too because Tenma and Tsurugi agreed. When Lee Chunyun shot with his Rapid Fire, he let the ball go to Ibuki but Ibuki failed to stop the ball, making the score 1-0. As the second half started, Shindou stood for the goal again which made Ibuki furious again and said that they were beginners after all. As Matatagi finally passed to Tetsukado, Shindou was surprised that their teammates finally played alongside Matatagi. After Tenma scored the first goal with God Wind. Lee Chunyun shot again with Rapid Fire. Shindou stopped it this time with his new hissatsu, Einsatz, and passed the ball to Tenma, who used Z Slash. At the end, Inazuma Japan won with 2-1 with Tsurugi making the final goal with Devil Burst.

In episode 4, Shindou was watching the first match of Inazuma Japan along with Tsurugi, Tenma and Aoi. Later, Shindou was seen standing behind Tenma along with Tsurugi when Tenma hold a speech. The next day, Shindou went along with Tenma to their training but only Nozaki Sakura, Matatagi and Tsurugi were there. Shindou asked where the others were in which Nozaki replied that they weren't going to practice at all and Matatagi added that it was because of the match. It surprised Shindou and Tenma and when Kuroiwa came, Shindou became angry again of forming this team. Later, they went practicing and Nozaki showed her moves. Then, Shindou recognized her as a world class gymnastics ace which surprised Nozaki that Shindou knew her. Then, Nozaki said that she will keep training with playing soccer to play in the best gymnastics team, in which Shindou was dissappointed. When Nozaki ran off to be keeper, Shindou began to wonder again why she left her gymnastics team and joined the soccer team. Nozaki was scared for stopping the shoot which made Shindou dissappointed again. And as Matatagi started to practice to dribble in which he made a long gap between him and the ball, Shindou was dissapointed again and said that this was no use to dribble.

As both Nozaki and Matatagi went practicing there dribbling, Shindou said that Matatagi and Nozaki could be useful but it was still hard to be able to play in the match. As practice ended and Shindou and Tsurugi walked back, Shindou started a conversation with Tsurugi. Shindou went talking to Kuroiwa about his plan for the next match but Kuroiwa disagreed and Shindou left. The next morning, Shindou was at the training field already along with Matatagi and Nozaki. As Tenma went to search for the other members, Shindou started to practice with Matatagi and Nozaki. After practice, he went to talk with Gouenji Shuuya and asked for a back up team but Shindou disagreed. As Shindou left, the trainer came in and started to talk with Gouenji. The trainer said that he couldn't take it anymore and said that Kuroiwa was planning to take over the world with soccer. As the trainer said that and continued, Shindou overheard the whole conversation and began to wonder again.

The next day, finally the whole team was there, Shindou heard that Tenma had emailed them to come to the training field today and that was the reason why they were here. Then, Kuroiwa came and said that the members had to do a test if they wanted to leave the Japan team. After hearing that, Shindou was shocked and couldn't believe it.

In episode 5, after Inazuma Japan heard of the Inazuma Japan Withdrawal Test, the eight members were thinking to take the test or not. Shindou said the eight members didn't come to play soccer, and told them to take the test and get out of the team, in which he made Ibuki irritated again. While Tenma still tried to convince Shindou that the eight members could play soccer with them, Tetsukado stated that he will take the test and said that Shindou would be happier without them around. The next day, Shindou had already prepared to go the stadium and went there but he was shocked because of the view in front of him.

When the others arrived the stadium and saw the audience, Tenma rushed to Shindou's side and asked him why there is an audience, in which Shindou replied that Kuroiwa was the one who asked the audience and news reporters to come in order to watch the withdrawl test, as Kuroiwa actually asked them to see the abilities of Inazuma Japan, and he ran up with the others to watch the withdrawl test, and he kept silent most of the time. In the end of the withdrawl test, Kuroiwa told Shindou that the successful shoots of each member showed the powers of supportive words from supporters and the friends, to which Shindou didn't reply at all.

In episode 6, Shindou was looking at the training and when a ball that Ibuki blocked flew to him, Ibuki argued that he didn't need his help, in which Shindou said that he was only doing it for victory. While the others discussed about their strategy to use against Big Waves, Shindou said that they didn't have enough time to think about it at all.

While they were training before the match, Ibuki blocked a normal shoot from Tsurugi and stated that he won't allow scoring anymore, to which Shindou said that it would be different when they are having a real match. When the match was about to start, Shindou stood in front of Ibuki, and Ibuki said that Shindou's position was too close to the goal, while Shindou stated that it was just the right position.

After seeing some plays of the team, Shindou thought to himself that at least the team will work for the victories. He then called Tenma to pass to him, and used Kami no Takuto and commanded Sakura, Kusaka, Matatagi and Tenma to pass the ball with the help of Kami no Takuto and at the end, to Tsurugi, who used Bicycle Sword and scored the first goal. He then used Kami no Takuto again but it was broken by Big Waves because they used Suck Out on Kusaka. Shindou was shocked, and Kuroiwa said that it was Shindou's mistake for showing Kami no Takuto too early. Shindou ran back to the defense and stole the ball, and he used Kami no Takuto again, only to be broken again after Sakura passed to Matatagi, when Big Waves used Suck Out again. Shindou tried to use Kami no Takuto once more, and failed again after Tenma's passing was cut off. The Raimon trio gathered to discuss, and Shindou stated that it was strange since Big Waves was supposed to be an offensive team, and concluded that Kami no Takuto was entirely locked. However, Shindou succeeded in stealing the ball back from Octa Pasun before Octa had a chance to score.

When Big Waves broke Inazuma Japan's defense again, Shindou rushed back to block Cole LaRuze, but Ibuki shouted to him to leave the goal to him and distracted Shindou. When Ibuki failed to block Megalodon, Shindou asked him if he understand the difference between practice and match, in which Ibuki only gave out a frustrated grunt.

After the match resumed, Shindou blocked the ball and passed it to Tenma, who wanted to pass to Matatagi but it got blocked by Sakura, who failed to dribble up. Shindou blocked back the ball and told Sakura to not stand too far away from her position. When Kusaka passed to Sakura, a few Big Waves were players targeting her, and she tried to pass to Shindou but the ball got blocked. Shindou attempted to steal back the ball but it was passed to Cole, who scored another goal with Megalodon. When Cole was about to use Megalodon again, Shindou ran towards him and kept on trying to block him, but without any succes. Shindou was a little bit shocked when Ibuki used Wild Dunk. When Ibuki asked Shindou if he saw his hissatsu, he said that it was something the goalkeeper should be doing.

In episode 7, Shindou walked again to the defense position before the goal, which made Ibuki irritated again because Shindou still didn't leave him alone to defend the goal. Tenma asked Shindou to look on the team, that the team had fired up, but Shindou told him that Kami no Takuto was totally blocked, and asked Tenma what he could do about it, and agreed with Tenma's solution, saying that standing before the goal was the only way.

After the match continued, he received the ball from Ibuki, but said that the pass of Ibuki wasn't still good enough. When he was about to get blocked by a member of Big Waves, Shindou used Presto Turn V2 and passed the ball to Tenma. However, the ball got blocked by Sakura, who tried to use a hissatsu to show herself, but was blocked too. Shindou sliding tackled the ball out of the field and asked what Sakura was doing. When Sakura told the others that she was feeling dizzy and apologized if she had caused trouble. Then, Tsurugi suggested that the only opition was to switch positions, in which Shindou staid that they should have prepare reserve players, and looked at Kuroiwa since Shindou discussed with Kuroiwa a while ago. After Tenma had a conversation with Sakura, Shindou told him to go back to his position.

When Cole commanded that all his teammates, except goalkeeper, should go to offense, Shindou thought that was just to keep their defense stuck, which was already hard enough and what they should do about it. He tackled a player but the ball got back to Big Waves again. Shindou was shown to be surprised as Ibuki blocked a normal shoot and Megalodon. After Ibuki blocked them, Shindou told him to throw the ball back to the field immediately. As Matatagi scored a goal with Parkour Attack, he was shocked that Matatagi brought out a hissatsu and scored a goal. When Sakura got trapped by Suck Out, she asked Shindou to use Kami no Takuto. Shindou told her that it was impossible, but she still wanted to do it. Shindou used Kami no Takuto, but Sakura failed to reach it and lost the ball. Shindou said to her that she might be able to pass the tactics if she didn't jumped higher than he commanded. When Tenma encouraged Sakura, Shindou commented that it was truly Tenma's style. Sakura asked him to do this again, Shindou used Kami no Takuto FI instead, and questioned her if she could really follow the tatic, and was shown to be happy when Sakura succeeded. After the match ended, Shindou wondered if the team actually possesd the abilities to play soccer, and looked at Kuroiwa for answer, but he only walked away accompanied with Mizukawa.

In episode 8, Inazuma Japan was training for their upcoming match. Tenma asked if Shindou would join the defense during practice, in which Shindou agreed. Shindou glared at Ibuki again when he stopped a shoot by hurting his arm instead. After practice, Tenma said that the others were improving well. However, Shindou still disagreed and said that they are still beginners. He added that Ibuki still needed to improve his keeper skills, that Manabe's, Minaho's and Konoha's abilities were still unknown and that Kusaka can't receive a pass properly yet. Tenma wanted to say something but Shindou interrupted him by saying that the world wasn't easy and left, leaving Tenma worried behind.

The next day, Inazuma Japan heard about their next opponent who were Shamshir. Shindou along with Tenma and Tsurugi were shocked when Kuroiwa said that they had a day off. After Kusaka was caught by the police, Shindou heard Kusaka's backstory along with the others. Tenma wanted to go to Funaki Hiromasa but Shindou asked why Tenma was covering Kusaka, in which Tenma replied that he was going to search, leaving Shindou confused behind.

The match between Inazuma Japan and Shamshir started with Shindou standing in front of Ibuki again. When a member of Shamshir approached the goal, Shindou said to himself that the rumors were true and used Einsatz to steal the ball back. However, Shindou lost the ball quickly after that and Said Ashraf scored the first goal with Oil Rush. Later, Kusaka beated up some members of Shamshir and Shindou was irritated by that.

In episode 9, Shindou mentioned in the half time that it was better to not let Kusaka play in the next half because of his temper. Tenma tried to cover Kusaka again but most of his teammates agreed with Shindou. Then, Shindou asked Tenma if they could win with Kusaka's situation, in which Tenma didn't answer and agreed. The match resumed and Shindou used Einsatz again to steal the ball from Rashid Haqim and succeeded. After using Einsatz, Shindou passed the ball to Sakura. Shamshir used their hissatsu tactics called Dai Sabaku Sunaarashi and Shindou tried to stop them, only to be failing to do so and left him tired behind when the second goal was scored.

Kusaka became mad again which made Shindou shocked again. He was also surprised when Kusaka changed into his Berserker Mode. The match ended with 3-2, with Shinsei Inazuma Japan winning because of Tsurugi's Bicycle Sword, Matatagi's Parkour Attack and Kusaka's Kyoubou Head. After the match, Tsurugi stated that the team was becoming closer to each other with Tenma in the middle punt, in which Shindou only replied with "ah".

In episode 10, Inazuma Japan was training again with Shindou only watching his teammates practicing while he was standing next to the goal. Shindou looked at Ibuki when he failed to stop Tsurugi's shoot. After practice ended, Shindou walked towards Tetsukado and called him, making his teammates curious. He said to Tetsukado that his moves have gotten much sharper but that he need to improve more as his speed was dropping. He adviced that Tetsukado should move more to the front and left the field. Because of the advice that Shindou had given, Tenma and Sorano Aoi were happy that Shindou gave an advice while Tsurugi was smiling too and Tetsukado confused.

The next day, Inazuma Japan started to train in the Black Room. Kuroiwa explained the Black Room and Shindou trained with the falling steel bars and surfing on the water while jumping to shoot the ball. The Raimon trio easily did the trainings while the others were struggling with them.

In episode 11, Inazuma Japan was training again for their upcoming match against Mach Tiger. Shindou noticed that Konoha was missing while the others were training and said that to Tenma, who was surprised that she wasn't there. The next day, Konoha had left a note behind that she was leaving Inazuma Japan. Tenma and four others were going to search for her while Shindou was staying at the camp. He and Tsurugi were practing together and Tsurugi asked what Shindou thought about Konoha. Shindou replied that she was chosen for Inazuma Japan by Kuroiwa with a reason but with the reason he didn't know.

In episode 12, Inazuma Japan was seen doing some exercises to warm up before they started to train. In the practice, Shindou received a pass from Sakura and Shindou predicted his shoot course first and then he shot towards the goal. Ibuki caught the ball and asked how that was but Shindou replied that he would be using a difficult shoot course next time.

The next day, the semi-finals started and Shindou used Einsatz to steal the ball from Tamugan Jar. After he stole the ball, he found it strange that no one from the opposing was moving towards them and passed the ball to Tenma as he asked for it. As the ball was stolen, Shindou quickly ran back to the goal but Ibuki caught the ball at time. Later, the ball was stolen again and Bark Sepakro dodged both Minaho and Manabe but Shindou sliding tackled him and the ball went outside the field. He said to Minaho and Manabe that one fault in their defense could end the match for them as the offense and defense could change in a split-second.

Shinsei Inazuma Japan was struggling against Mach Tiger with their counters. Shindou said that the only to score a goal was to use Kami no Takuto with higher precision, in which Tenma replied that he should do it. The match resumed and Tenma stole the ball back and told Shindou that it was time. Shindou used Kami no Takuto FI and made the first line to Tetsukado. He made the second line to Sakura and the third to Tenma again. When Tenma was troubling against Napa Ladam, he ordered Tenma to pass the ball. Shindou used Fortissimo but it failed to score a goal as it was blocked by Udom Geuchai's Killer Elbow. After Matatagi's Parkour Attack was blocked by Death Scythe Middle, Shindou ran back to the defense. However, the defense was broken through and Shindou said that they won't be able to make it and Tamugan scored the first goal with Ivory Crash, leaving Shindou irritated behind.

Shindou was surprised when Kusaka changed into Berserker Mode and confessed to Konoha that he loves her. After Konoha succesfully used Konoha Roll and passed the ball to Tenma, Shindou used Kami no Takuto FI again and made the first line to Sakura. Then, he made the second line to Matatagi and the third to Tsurugi. Shinsei Inazuma Japan tied to score with Kusaka's Kyoubou Head and both team were struggling against each other with Shindou orders in the center of Inazuma Japan.

In episode 13, the second half started and Inazuma Japan began to struggle again against Mach Tiger with their new skills. Soon, the score became 2-1 due to Tamugan's Ivory Crash, being too fast for Ibuki's Wild Dunk. Shindou glared at Ibuki for not stopping the shoot and walked back to his position. He was worried about Tsurugi when he and Bark injured each other by kicking their legs. Manabe and Minaho revealed their hissatsu, making Shindou surprised and shocked at the same time. He glared again at Ibuki while he was able to stop Ivory Crash with Wild Dunk. Later, Shindou received the ball from Matatagi and was ordered by Manabe to make a back pass to Tsurugi since he wasn't able to make it to dribble forwards. Then, Tsurugi passed to Tenma, who scored the winning goal with God Wind. After the goal, Inazuma Japan won with 3-2. As the match ended, Shindou stated that it appears there is no other way but to acknownlegde this team's potential, with Tsurugi agreeing.

In episode 14, he was seen practicing with Ibuki and ordered him to go on to stop every shoot that Tsurugi made. Then, they heard that they would have a practice match the next day. The next day, they all were wondering who their opponent was, surprising that it was Hakuryuu's and his team called Resistance Japan. Shindou, Tenma and Tsurugi were able to cope up with them, however, the others weren't. Shindou tried to stop the shoot chain between Hakuryuu's White Hurricane and Yukimura Hyouga's Panther Blizzard with his leg but failed to do so. Later, he passed the ball to Tetsukado as the others were marked but since Tetsukado was injured at his ankle, he wasn't able to move well. Instead of Tetsukado, Kishibe Taiga picked up the ball. At the end of the match, Resistance Japan won with 3-1, making his other teammates surprised and shocked about the abilities of the other team and stated that it was the level of Shindou, Tsurugi and Tenma.





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